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Free Poker - Deuces Wild

Free poker game Deuces Wild is similiar to Jacks or Better, with a couple of marked differences. Firstly, all "2" cards are wild cards. Secondly, the minimum hand is 2-pair or 3 of a kind--you can no longer win with a single pair of cards

A good strategy for this free poker game is to hold any pair you find--whether it wins or loses--and ignore any single face cards (as they aren't worth much any more). Pick up any 2's you find. And if you don't start with ANY of these, it may be a good idea to flush your entire hand

  • All 2's are wild cards
  • Minimum hands are 2-pair and 3 of a kind
  • Keep your high score for fun later
  • Online poker at its best--no need to download

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