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Poker Police

Sound the alarms! Release the hounds! All hands on deck!

The Poker Police are afoot!

Yesterday, in my best intentions to improve the functionality of this Free Poker site, I added a "make this poker site your homepage" link to the top of each page. What a mistake!

I checked my "247 free poker" analytics on google, and quickly discovered my folly: traffic was down, the average time spent on the site had also dropped, and the bounce rate (% of people who leave the site as soon as it loads) had gone up nearly 50%. Yikes!

It seems as if you guys arne't in love with this new feature to my free poker site...so I've decided to take it down--providing that my observations are consistent! I've decided to give it until the end of the week. And if this trend persists...

The Poker Police are sending out a subpoena.


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